The growing popularity of seasonal products which Rituals is cleverly responding to. The high search volumes show that the brand is successfully using SEO strategies to increase its online visibility. Optimizing online content with relevant search terms contributes to attracting a larger audience. Data from Semrush about Rituals A look at the dark side PR challenges in 2021 Although the company is known for its wellnessorient approach the brand has also fac criticism. In 2021 Rituals became the subject of a PR storm when an activist Instagram account Este Laundry accus the brand of disrespectful behavior towards Asian cultures. With collection names such as Sakura Namaste and Samurai the brand itself pays tribute to Asian cultures and keeps the ideas alive.


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Appropriating those cultures without real knowlge and for profit is also a Thailand Phone Number Database of racism. The press representative of Rituals Netherlands respond to the accusations by emphasizing that the brand promotes wellbeing all over the world regardless of its origin. Being involv in social issues and speaking out against unacceptable behavior is a testament to a brand that not only sells products but also takes a stand. Rituals integrates social involvement as an essential part of its brand identity.

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So it is not always all roses and moonshine

With this cosmetic brand. Some valuable Canada Email List you can apply Over the years a successful marketing strategy has been develop which has contribut to the global success and record sales. If you have your own webshop with for example care or cosmetics products you can draw inspiration from Rituals marketing strategy to strengthen your own brand. 1. Narrative brand identity Create a narrative brand identity by integrating cultural elements traditions or specific sources of inspiration into your product lines. Let your customers feel an emotional connection with your brand by sharing the backstories of your products.inspir by Eastern rituals and traditions. The brand strives to promote a certain lifestyle and wellbeing.

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