Yesterday, San Jose leaders voted to adopt a new ordinance that requires all new construction of buildings to be electric. According to the San Jose Spotlight, some saw the act as a “direct attack on President Trump. Who happens to be visiting the Bay Area for a fundraiser. At the press conference Tuesday, the veteran lawmakers sent a clear message to the president. Calling their meeting an “antidote” to Trump, and publicly denouncing his leadership as the critical fight against climate change rages.

The reach code says all buildings including accessory

Dwelling units, single-family homes, and low-rise and multi-family dwellings. Be electric by Jan. 1, 2020. San Jose lawmakers also approved legislation Vietnam Phone Number Data requiring all new multi-family buildings include 70% electric vehicle capable spaces, at least 20 percent electric vehicle ready spaces, and at least 10% electric vehicle service equipment spaces. The new legislature is part of San Jose’s 2019 Reach Code Initiative, which explores the development of reach codes to electrify buildings and transportation vehicles. The city is also aiming to use renewable energy as much as possible.

In August, San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE)

the city’s new electricity generation service provider, signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with EDP Renewables North America for 100 megawatts Qatar Phone Number List of solar energy and 10 MW of battery storage. This is the first agreement for SJCE, which started providing more than 328,000 commercial and residential electricity customers with low-carbon power options such as solar, wind, and hydropower in February. The city council governs SJCE and the San Jose Community Energy Department operates it.

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