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The Transformation According to Pwc Data, Colombia Leads Latin America in Terms of Public Policies for the Use of Technology. The District Treasury Secretariat, an Entity That is Responsible for Guaranteeing Financial Sustainability in Bogotá, Seeks to Migrate All Its Accounting and Financial Processes to the Cloud in a Single Account Through Solutions Such as Sap Rise. The Objective is to Achieve More Effective and Transparent Tax Collection, as Well as Optimally Manage the Budget of the Entities That Make Up the District of Bogotá.

All Processes Are Moving to the

Cloud to Optimize Collection Processes and Payment to Suppliers, as Well as Improve Citizen Service. Sandra Narváez, District Treasurer Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data of Bogotá, Highlights the Importance of Having a Robust Tool That Allows Scalability in Payments. “by Being Universal, We Can Have Cutting-ge Technology and Increase and Unify Payments ,” She States. Before Implementing This Tool, the Bogotá Treasury Secretariat Had a System Divid Into Modules: One for Treasury and Another for Accounting That, Although They Were Interoperable, at a Certain Point They Did Not Complement Each Other, Which Did Not Allow Effective Unification of Operations. By Law, District Accounts Are Requir to Be Manag in a Single Account.

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Thanks to Technological Allies

Such as Sap, It Was Possible to Unify All the City’s Finances Into a Single System. Since June , the First Three Secretariats Began to Enter the System, and the Remaining  Gradually. “we Hope That During the Rest of the Year Philippine Whatsapp Number List and at the Beginning of , All Secretariats Will Join the Single District Account, Which Will Allow Us to Manage Spending More Efficiently and Have Greater Control of Resources,” Says the Treasurer. Image by Julian Zapata From Pixabay Total or Partial Reproduction is Prohibit. What Did You Think of This Article? Laura Laura Suarez Bernal Social Communicator and Journalist. I Have Work in Digital Journalism and Social Mia, and I Have.

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