Today I want to talk to you about semantic SEO , a strategy that you must incorporate in the process. Of creating the content of your website, to achieve a better understanding of it by search engines. In addition, this will also help you improve your positioning significantly. Our way of searching for information on the Internet has changed considerably. Now we talk, we converse with the search engine every time we need help. For this reason, Google is increasingly focused on satisfying the user’s exact query or search intention. Many years ago, with the arrival of Colibrí, the Internet search engine announced. Its purpose of understanding human language better. And better in order to offer the most appropriate response to its users. It was then that in the world of SEO people began to talk. About incorporating semantics into our digital texts.

Key concepts to understand semantic SEO

The linguistic science that analyzes the meaning of words and expressions is called semantics. Here we refer to what email leads the words mean, according to the context in which we use them when we speak or write. The purpose of semantics is also to break down a meaning into smaller units, called semes or semantic features. These allow the meaning of a term to be segmented. In order to differentiate expressions of similar meaning and words of opposite connotation. But what does this have to do with SEO Well, that’s what we’ll talk about from now on. Let’s go in parts: What is semantic SEO Semantic SEO is the tactic. That has the mission of making it easier for Google. To understand and interpret texts taking into account not only the keywords. But also the thematic context of all the content. With the aim of trying to better respond to the intentionality of a specific search.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Many times, our searches are ambiguous or generic, we do not know exactly what we are looking for. But there are other times when we want to find a much more specific answer. For this reason, Google tries to disambiguate all user queries in order to offer them more specific TG Numbers answers. As you may have already guessed, this concept is closely linked to the user’s search intention. That is, it also focuses on better understanding the meaning and exact objective behind each query and not simply on the mere coincidence of the Keywords. used in the text. In semantic SEO, not only the keyword. And its synonyms matter , as some think. But also the entire relationship with the general thematic. Context of the text we put the Keyword in context.

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