The short videos bas on text. My colleague Willemijn shares some striking videos in her article including a tiger made of flowers and a cinematic scene in Tokyo. Please note most videos are made by OpenAI itself. The tool is still being test by a select group of people mainly for safety. AI videos are currently the next frontier for large tech companies and are therefore frequently in the news. Google recently launch Lumire also not yet openly available. And TikTok is working on Boximator which allows you to easily generate and move objects in videos see the example below.


Criticism of Sora But in the meantime criticism of

AI videos is growing. For example Brian Merchant on X states that some of Soras videos look suspiciously like stock videos from Shutterstock. Sora is train on material from Shutterstock among other things. And only the very best Kazakhstan Phone Number Database are shar by OpenAI you dont see what goes wrong. Gita Jackson goes a step further and even calls it a scam .  such as Uber and WeWork companies that raise a lot of investment money with razzle dazzle but do not or never make a profit. The videos are still far from perfect and she wonders if they ever will be. But in any case it will generate a lot of attention and undoubtly more investment money. If you think AI videos will be the end all be all then you are wrong.

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The next step is to generate virtual environments

Google DeepMind is Taiwan Whatsapp Number working on it. A new step towards an AI model that can do everything Whats in it for us We have seen how quickly AI images are developing so contrary to what Gita thinks those videos are probably getting better and more realistic. But I mainly wonder what it will really benefit us in the future. It can be useful for creating stock videos and commercials.

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