The Modality Requires Not Only the Skills of Their Work and Traditional Work, but Also Others That Compensate for the Emotional and Communication Limitations That Face-to-face Provides. Not Every Worker, No Matter How Good They Are, Guarantees Being Successful With Their Work From Virtuality. Therefore, a Company’s Decision to ‘send You Home’ Must Begin With a Diagnosis of Your Skills and Preparation of Your Workspace, Among Other Aspects. Requirements for the Remote Worker These Are Some of Those Skills Self-discipline Stay Focus and Avoid Distractions in the Home Environment.

Time Management Establish and

Adhere to Schules and Prioritize Tasks Efficiently. Effective Communication Be Clear and Concise in Written and Verbal Communication. Digital and Technological Skills Understand the Digital Environment, Social Networks and Hardware, Software and Especially Online Collaboration Platforms and Tools. Adaptability Adjust to Different Environments and Situations Quickly. Problem Solving Solve Problems Independently and Creatively. Autonomy Work Without Constant Supervision and Take the Initiative. Virtual Teamwork Qatar WhatsApp Number List Collaborate and Build Relationships With Remote Colleagues. Decision Making Make Inform and Opportunistic Decisions. Organization Maintain an Orderly Workspace and Manage Resources. Continuous Learning Be Open to Acquiring New Knowlge and Skills. Stress Management Manage Pressure and Stress in Challenging Work Situations. Resilience Recover Quickly From Setbacks and Maintain Motivation.

Emotional Intelligence Recognize and

Manage One’s Own Emotions and Those of Others. Presentation  in Virtual Meetings. Requirements for Companies Like Workers, Companies Must Create Strategies to Adequately Adopt Teleworking and Other Non-face-to-face Modalities , and They Also Ne to Have the Capabilities to Be Successful in the Adoption of Teleworking or Mexico Telegram Number Remote Work. Some of These Include Effective Communication Companies Must Be Able to Communicate Effectively and Clearly With Employees Working Remotely. This Includes Using Online Communication Tools and Setting Clear Expectations for Communication. Flexibility Companies Must Be Able to Adapt to Different Situations and Nes of Employees Working Remotely. This May Include Flexible Working Hours and.

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