The have been mapp out. From framing to the Von Restorff effect and so on. These are the lessons that will boost your campaign Lesson respond to emotion Kahneman Sell with emotion back up with facts is one of the statements that certainly stuck with Christ Coolen during the best event about marketing psychology. These are some examples Selling a camera.


Youre not just selling a means to take

Photos youre selling a product that allows you to store memories forever. Selling Costa Rica Telegram Database panels. You sell a product that ensures that you save on your energy bill and contribute to sustainability.t but a product that ensures that you get through the day fresh so that you are actually selling selfconfidence. As a marketer you often have the tendency to talk about how good special or distinctive a product or service is. You dont attract attention with that. Do you want to do that Then it is better to start by responding to emotion system and then talk about the facts system at a later stage. Also read Neuromarketing will undeniably change in trends Evoking emotions that are relat to the consumers feelings can ensure that a bond is creat more quickly with the target group.

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That emotion then leads to an impact

On purchasing decisions. principles to Thailand Telegram Number Picture Superiority Effect Photos and images are more likely to be remember than words. Nostalgia effect reminiscing about the past can make us spend more on products. Loss aversion people hate losing and do everything they can to avoid it. Peakend rule an experience with a peak moment has more impact for a customer than when an experience is continuously average or good. As an example of the Nostalgia effect take Dr. Oetker. This is focus on memories from the past. The fresh pizzas prepar in the Italian kitchen by my mother. Lesson Keep it Simple BJ Fogg A kind.

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