The And following Boximator you will probably soon be able to it videos bas on prompts very easily. But beyond that Maybe Im missing something but what justifies the large amount of money and effort put into this Even if the quality soon reaches that of real videos there is still another problem copyright. A ruling has already been made in the US that AIgenerat content is not protect by copyright . This discussion will undoubtly also take place in Europe. So the question remains whether all your AI videos and other AI content will soon be your property.


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Create short video ads with AI In Natalie Chopraserts Future AI Lab newsletter I read that you can easily create your own video ads with the AI tool Creatify . In the example shar an AI model explains how a Kenya Phone Number Database cream improves her AI skin in just 2 weeks. Completely fake. View the example here . Example of an AI ad on Creatify. . I immiately had a bad feeling about this. Yes it is theoretically cheap and easy to make which makes it attractive to some marketers. But it is not authentic and crible. And then the question remains whether it is legally permitt. In the Netherlands for example advertising may not be misleading or contain untruths . Im curious whether AI ads pass such an assessment.

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But then again fake advertising


May earn you a profit in the Thailand Whatsapp Number term but in the long term you will lose the trust of your customers. And especially in these times when real and fake are barely distinguishable trust is the highest asset. More and more AI content on social mia In the meantime you are seeing more and more AI content on social mia. AIgenerat texts but also more and more AI images and videos. I personally have to use a magnifying glass on Pinterest.

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