You practice formulating specific target


The a story. This is crucial for creating openend questions that elicit rich and vari answers. 2. Reverse Engineering A colleague writes a detail answer to a nonexistent question. For example On December 31 1989. Others try to guess the original question. Ultimately ChatGPT provides suggestions for questions that match the answer. In this case for example What date marks the end of the year prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall What do you learn from this This exercise improves your ability to think from the end point. questions that lead to certain answers. You do this by working with a given answer and reasoning back to the possible question. This is essential for writing prompts aim at obtaining specific information. 3. Word Limit Challenge.


Everyone is given a word limit

Must complete an assignment within that limit. For example Explain in 50 words how Indonesia Phone Number Database create a social mia strategy . What do you learn from this Constraints stimulate creativity. This exercise forces you to be concise and clear in your prompts. It teaches you to quickly identify the core of your question. You will also learn to convey this in a clear way which ensures more efficient and target interactions with AI. 4. Genre Switch A colleague comes up with a prompt and the other colleagues rewrite that prompt into a different genre. First rewrite it yourself and then see what ChatGPTs answer is as below.

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Various prompts in AI


What do you learn from this You rewrite a prompt rdifferent genres. This way you practice adapting your language and your focus depending on the intend audience or purpose . This way China Whatsapp Number will learn how subtle changes in word choice and atmosphere can elicit a completely different response. This comes in handy when writing prompts for different contexts. 5. Emotion Twist You choose a shar emotion and everyone writes a prompt that evokes that emotion. For example disappointment. Emotion in prompt for AI What do you.

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