The and Transport, Other Standards Are Us Such as Ipv This is the Next Generation Internet Protocol, Which Provides a Large Number of Ip Addresses Requir for Iot Connectivity. Lowpan It is a Communication Standard With Low Energy Consumption. Also Referr to as “ipv Over Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network” Allows Devices to Integrate Into Broader Ip Networks. Rpl Stands for Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks, It is a System Creat to Create Efficient and Reliable Routes Between Devices on a Network. Lorawan (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a Long-range, Low-power Communication Protocol Design for Large-scale Iot Networks.

On the Other Hand, Messaging

Standards Are Support at the Application Layer, Among Other Protocols Such as Mqtt (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) It is a Lightweight Messaging Protocol Design for Devices With Limit Resources, Ideal for Iot Nepal WhatsApp Number List Applications. Coap (Constrain Application Protocol) It is a Document Transfer Protocol Design for Iot Devices With Limit Capacity. Http/https Hypertext Transfer Protocols, Commonly Us for Communication on the Web and Also Applicable to Some Iot Devices. Z-wave It is a Wireless Protocol Optimiz for Home Automation and Communication Between Home Iot Devices.

As We Mention Previously

One of the Challenges of the Iot Has Been the Absence of a Common  Proposals Have Emerg to Simplify This Scenario, Especially in the Field of Home Automation. In This Sense, One of the Most Striking Connectivity Initiatives is Matter , an Open Source Protocol That Has Gain Strength Thanks to the Support of Companies Such Germany Telegram Number as Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple, All of Them Participants in the Connectivity Standards Alliance (Csa). Thanks to This Alliance, Any Product From These Manufacturers Will Interact Without Problems With Other Brands Assign to This Technology. Although It is Still Early to Tell, This Technology Has Already Won Honors, Such as the Best Product Award at the Consumer Electronic.

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