The a generic story that is the same on every website.  how great the effect of the Google Core Update will be. If we can believe Google it will be big. What we can expect is that websites with poor quality content especially content that is automatically generated or generated by AI tools will be punished. That means they will drop in rankings resulting in much less traffic to the website. In any case Google hopes that with this update they will reduce the amount of lowquality content in search results by.


This is what Elizabeth Tucker Director of Product

Management at Google says We believe these updates will reduce the amount of  Costa Rica Phone Number Database quality content on Search and send more traffic to helpful and high quality sites. Based on our evaluations we expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce lowquality unoriginal content in search results by . In addition Google has announced that they will no longer release separate helpful content updates after the March update. The helpful content check is now integrat into the core algorithm as standard.

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This means that from the end of March the


Google algorithm will be able to evaluate for itself whether content is helpful or not. Isnt it so Then your website will be automatically punish without the ne for a separate new core update to be releas. Have you Russia Phone Number hit If you notice that your website has been affect by this update its time to take action. But even if your website has not yet been affected it is good to take a closer look at your website content. My advice Start by understanding your target group. Identify the needs of your customers. Do they have certain questions fears goals problems Write these down. As the book They Ask You Answer affiliate advises bring the sales and marketing teams together.

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