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The in cryptocurrency from Pig Putchering and traditional Ponzi Scams to Rug Pulls and Romance Scams . With the many positive applications that really have an impact on people it is of course a shame that there is also such a dark side. But it is difficult to eliminate in todays fastpac digital world. Unfortunately there are still countless gullible consumers who fall for this every day and have lost many billions of euros in recent years . How can you prevent this By reading up on the crypto in which you want to invest in advance.


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This in with practical tips . Better warm than cold The Mexico Telegram Database technology of cryptocurrencies isĀ around a decentraliz idea. You are your own bank here. You can carry out transactions directly yourself without the ne for an intermiary such as a bank crit card or service provider such as Paypal. And you have your own digital wallet where you store access to these digital coins. In addition more and more people are storing this on a socall lger a kind of USB stick. The decentraliz idea is great but unfortunately still too complex for most consumers.

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Password and backup codes. And Qatar Phone Number everything is decentraliz there is no central helpdesk that you can call. The name crypto already says enough about the cryptographic way of working. It is so secure that you will never be able to access your coins again if you lose the password and backup codes. Lost Bitcoins I have already spoken to a number of people who have lost their coins in this way. You can still see on the internet that they are in a digital wallet but you can no longer access them to sell them for example. who bought Bitcoins for a few euros in the early days.

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