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In This ition of the Banking Convention , Technology and the Digital Transformation of Banking Also Occupi an Important Role on the Agenda. Companies Like Huawei Have Become Allies of This Sector , Which is Increasingly Advancing in the Digitalization of Its Processes and Services. “ the Digital Transformation is in Its Infancy in Latin America, There is Still Much to Do. The Processes in Our Banks Are Not Yet Automat. The Technologies That Banks Use Are a Product of a Pre-digital Era ,” Says Alejandro Azofeifa , Digital Transformation Leader at Huawei Latin America, in an Interview From the Impacto Tic Mia Center.

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Advance That Huawei Has Achiev in the Region, They Are Providing  Their Digitalization Process, After Having Had a Successful Experience in the Asian Continent. Some of the Obstacles They Have Found to Move Forward Are the Estonia WhatsApp Number List Regulatory Issues Fac by Banking in Latin America , Which is Still Govern by an Era Prior to Digitalization, Which Makes Processes Slower. Furthermore, Another Common Challenge in the Countries of the Region is Financial Inclusion. “traditionally, Banking Has Been Develop in Payment Methods Such as Crit and Debit Cards, a Technology That is More Than Years Old, Which Limits Being Able to Include It ,” Says Alejandro Azofeifa.

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Digitaltransformation in Asia for More Than Years and Now We Want to Be That Ally for Latin America. Banking Has Been India Phone Number List Characteriz by Means of Payment Such as Cards, Which Are Technologies. That Are More Than Years Old, but There Are Low Levels of Financial Inclusion in Pic Ict Impact (impactotic) June , Smart Banking to Achieve Financial Inclusion Although There is Talk of the Banking of the Future, It is Something That is Already Being Develop and Huawei Calls It ‘smart Banking’, Which Consists of Customer Acquisition Being Digital.

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