The Best Facebook Groups for Digital Marketing

What are the best sales groups on Facebook in 2021 ? Which Digital Marketing. Therefore, and social media Facebook groups should you be in? If you are looking for visibility and extra visits for your blog, I recommend that you read this article and learn about the best Facebook groups for Social Media and Online […]

how to create Google Forms in 7 steps

What is Google How to Forms ? What are Google Forms for ? In this guide I will explain the functions of this platform and how to create a Google Form or Google document step by step with examples. If you want to know what your followers and customers think about your content, products or […]

What is the best free Spanish photo editor

What is the best free Spanish photo editor in 2022? What are online photo editors for? If you are. Therefore, looking for a program to retouch photos online, in this article you will see the best free photo editors that exist on the Internet, such as a free photo and video editor for Android. To […]

Fueling Your Product Industry Success

And you may wonder, how do I know Fueling Your. Which entities Google is recognizing in my texts? Well, you can enter the text of one of your news or posts in Google’s Natural Language API . It will extract the entities and even classify them. By categories and weight them according to their relevance […]

The Ultimate Product Industry Connection

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games medal table The Ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games events Finally. Google Discover also has its own module in the Google SERP, under the name “Interesting Finds” . Here, the algorithm suggests content related to our search and that may be of interest according to the analyzed characteristics of our user profile. […]

Expand Your Product Industry Reach

Come to interact in some way. The cards are Expand Your defined based on entities and you can find. More general themes or the specific element and protagonist of the content. card views on google discover How to update Google Discover To refresh the news feed , simply swipe down on the main page where […]

Evolution and the Circulation of New

This is why digital marketing budgets are set to grow in 2020 and . In this context. Knowing the voices that contribute to the value of the brand and the consumer groups with which they resonate most. Is the real key to generating value on investments. Customer experience wins over the product as a consumer. […]

Not Afraid of Challenges the Spe of

Luxury and cosmetics brands plann to implement influencer collaborations by the end of the year; looking at 2020. This percentage is certainly destin to increase. Looking at influencers. Therefore. What type of collaborations should a brand invest in? Obviously it depends on the marketing objectives but we found that. Among the four types of influencers […]

And Always on the Move Bort is

Interactions between consumers and the brand. Potentially converting the user into a lead. Storytelling exists and will exist storytelling and content sharing have become a pillar of marketing; today consumers want to connect with brands on a much deeper level. Whose storytelling is characteriz by a human touch . This desire for authenticity has been […]

Lancôme Always Innovative

It has recently been estimat that. Every day. We are expos to a number of advertisements of between 6.000 and 10.000 and that this number is only destin to increase. In a world now saturat with signs and symbols and similar content. It is not surprising that many consumers are identifying personalization by brands as […]

Omni Marketing Manager at

If it is true that different strategies work for different brands. It is equally true that the greatest value is achiev through a cross-voice strategy. Which reaches all possible consumer touchpoints. Dior make up for example. Consistently achieves good results in terms of performance. Thus accumulating the highest miv® ($317 million) for luxury brands in […]