how to create Google Forms in 7 steps

What is Google How to Forms ? What are Google Forms for ? In this guide I will explain the functions of this platform and how to create a Google Form or Google document step by step with examples. If you want to know what your followers and customers think about your content, products or […]

Fueling Your Product Industry Success

And you may wonder, how do I know Fueling Your. Which entities Google is recognizing in my texts? Well, you can enter the text of one of your news or posts in Google’s Natural Language API . It will extract the entities and even classify them. By categories and weight them according to their relevance […]

Don’t ask for bubbles in a coffee

It’s been a long Don’t asktime since, euphoric and full of hope, I uttered this phrase in front of people that I really appreciate right now and today, remembering that moment, these words have come back to me, although they may seem like one of my bullshit (yes, it could be that it was) contain […]

Toby is the protagonist of PETA’s new Christmas spot

PETA UK launches its first Christmas spot. An emotional piece that demands the right to life of all animals. The organization that fights for animal rights wants viewers to reject turkey dinners at future Christmas celebrations. Therefore, the spot highlights how these intelligent and sociable animals end up being the main dish at Thanksgiving dinners. […]