Of the most popular types of IT jobs. broaden your horizons about your dream future. interested in mastering him Virza decided to participate in this AWS scholarship program without hesitation. Virza carefully followed the learning process to compensate for his deficiencies. Materials with easy-to-understand analogies Apparently, Virza didn’t sign up for the AWS program empty-handed. […]
Both are not programming languages, but markup languages used to create web pages. HTML is used to create the basis for the appearance of website. Pages and helps browsers display information in the form of text or images.   Positioning, etc.technical emulators for their needs. So, what is an emulator? discussion, we have important  Continue knowledge […]
 learning platform on the Internet. For example, you can subscribe to Dicoding Academy to take various programming courses. Find programming materials on the Internet In addition to subscribing to learning platforms on the Internet, you can also search for materials from other sources on the Internet.  that provide explanations or tutorials about programming. In this […]
Finally, walking down a long dark tunnel, Reza found a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. In order to pay off this debt, Reza, who works part-time, had to dig deep into his pocket. Cost issues forced Reza to take a break.Reza met Bangkit through a network of friends. At first, Reza […]
clients or what we know as web browsers (Chrome, Firefox).  by the web server when the user accesses it. Access Control Access Control can be executed based on the host name or CGI (Common Gateway Interface) IP number. Then the most commonly used is perl ( Practical Extraction and Report. Language ), supported by Apache […]
In this modern era, it’s okay if you don’t know  servers. Especially if you want to work in the IT field. Must know! This is the technical meaning of   server. A server is software that provides services in the form of data. Functions to  receive HTTP or HTTPS requests from clients or what we know […]
For the last 1 year and 4 months, Fahmi has been working on his career at the digital logistics company PT Logee Trans. This business entity specifically handles digital logistics services in the form of a marketplace where cargo owners can look for trucks to send cargo. As a backend developer, his main task is […]
To Find Out What a Crawl Budget. Is , It is Worth First Considering. What Page Indexing Actually. Involves – These Are Two Inextricably Linked Issues. Adding a Website to the Index. Is the Moment When Its Positioning. Essentially Begins: Special Algorithms (So-called Robots, Crawlers – in the Case of Google, Often Called Googlebots) Are […]
Individual solutions of this type may offer different functionality, for example dividing traffic by its source or analyzing only organic traffic. It is worth noting that checking advertising statistics allows for a more in-depth analysis, but collecting search engine traffic data focuses more on SEO effectiveness . Free toolsIf you want to learn how to […]
Website traffic often translates into profits for the company or person running the website. Appropriate analysis of this issue is crucial for effectively building an SEO strategy and checking the effectiveness of activities. There are several tools that allow you to measure and analyze it – both on your own website and that of your […]
So if your online store has a real location – it may be a stationary point – make sure to obtain real opinions from your customers. Product reviews – long tail keywordsDid you know that you can also use product opinions in the positioning of the online store itself? Regardless of your product range and […]
A recommendation system is one of the most important marketing activities that an online store should focus on. Opinions about the brand and products have great potential, which is worth using in image positioning and more . Customer recommendations influence sales and the already mentioned SEO. Opinions and SEO – Google My Business business cardWhen […]

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