Direct contact with your blog followers through a periodic newsletter is a great way to keep your audience up to date with all the new content you publish and a very interesting way to enhance direct contact with your readers. Email marketing, although it is not strictly the case that concerns us today. Therefore, is […]
90 tools for Community Managers Being up to date on the latest and newest tools for community managers. Therefore,  is one of the necessary aspects of this profession. I personally try to dedicate at least one hour to studying and learning every day following the best professionals in the sector. With the advancement of social […]
10 SEO Techniques in 2015 to make the Google search engine fall in love with you. In the world of the Internet and web positioning. In addition, there are many SEO strategies and techniques that aim to convince the Google search engine to give us. In addition, a better position for our pages and thereby […]
Free Samples: An effective marketing strategy. Gifts and free samples as a brand promotion strategy. You really wanted to talk about the topic of free samples , since I consider that they can be a very effective Branding tool for many brands, and I especially think that they can be a very attractive element for […]
How to get 10,000 subscribers for your blog with sumome + video course. Simple reasons why it is important to get subscribers. It allows you to convert your readers into subscribers. You can offer something special to your subscribers like; courses, ebooks, exclusive information, etc. After that, having a list of subscribers is having one of […]

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