Take a hamburger menu as an example

The of less is more . In the book Online Influence affiliate by Joris Groen and Bas Wouters this is also mention as compare it with the brain of a yearold child. The easier the better to understand and the faster system dwells on a campaign. Once attention is captur System can take over. Therefore communicate what you have to say immiately briefly and simply. All this is also summariz as cognitive ease . Examples of cognitive ease are highlight at Convertize. It is a rule that ties in with the horizontal axis of the BJ Fogg model by none other than Dr. B.J. Fogg. Behavioral model Source Storystudio.nl behavioral model principles to apply The Jenga technique it is best to make texts as short as possible.


The fewer words there are the faster

Easier the consumer processes the texts. Jakobs Law users expect your website to Croatia Telegram Database just like any other. . You dont change this quickly because people are already us to it. You do not go against this habit because this behavior is difficult to learn. Lesson Boosting Motivation BJ Fogg Opposite BJ Foggs horizontal axis is the vertical axis motivation see image above. How do you boost a persons motivation to ensure that they get moving Motivation represents the inner drive to do something. Various factors play a role in this.

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Consider for example pleasure

Pain hope and fear and social acceptance Turkey Telegram Number rejection. Using motivation principles from the book Online influence you can give people a boost towards conversion. The principles are Anticipatory enthusiasm Visualizing future rewards. Appealing to basic nes identify and use words and images that go with them. Social proof shows that others also demonstrate the desir behavior. Authority Show your authority. Baby steps take it step by step to lower the threshold. Scarcity emphasize the scarcity of the productservice. Confetti rain provide positive feback. Loss aversion shows what someone can lose.

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