The Down, They Resemble the Analysts Who, During the Second World War, Ask for Silence and Demand Reflections on the Future After the War. Fortunately, There Were the Malraux, the Gides, the Keynes, the Orwells, the Bendas, the Beveridges. It Was on Those Heads That the Moral, Economic and Political Foundations of the New World Were Built. Perhaps Today We Worry Because Only Philosophers – or Sophists – Speak and Because We Do Not Have Heads Like Those.

But There Are Also Branko Milanovic

Mariana Mazzucato, Paul Mason, Dani Rodrik, Sheri Berman, to Name Just Some of the Most Important Global Exponents Who, Also Now, Are Imagining a Way Out of This Crisis. An Optimum on the Left the Word “Social Democracy” May Refer Too Much to a “European Idea.” Sometimes, in Fact, It is Uncritically Confus With the Brazil WhatsApp Number List Lukewarm “Liberal-progressivism”, Which Writers Such as Michel Houllebecq Have Mock So Much – Determin to Deny, or Ignore, a Historical Genealogy of the Left. But Its Expression Could Well Be That of a “welfare Society”, Something That, in Many Non-european Countries, Also Develop – With Its Own Characteristics – During the Second Post-war Period.

It Will Not Be Possible to Return as

Stefan Zweig Said, to the “World of Yesterday.” but Perhaps It is Possible to New Collective Imagination That Restores the Spain Whatsapp Number List Value of the Community and an Organiz Society With Clear Rules and Rights for the Most Vulnerable. Remembering and Evoking the Images of Yesterday, in the Midst of the Pandemic and After It, Does Not Mean Replacing That World. It Implies Relocating Its Strong Ideas to Take Charge of a Horizon in Which, Probably, the Left Can Force the Combination of Past Elements With Clearly Future Projects. And It is Precisely There Where the “Left-wing Melancholics” and the Futurists and Accelerationists Come Together: in Thinking About an Idea of ​​community in Which We Will.

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