The useful AIgenerat answer that can automate part of the sales. Process the wording of the question or socall prompt must be smart careful efficient and clear . The question must be entirely at the service of the desir outcome of the conversation. If this is successful GenAI is capable of a lot from tailoring contracts to designing sales strategies. Also read How to get more relevant results with extra prompt in ChatGPT Ask away but filter yourself In an offline sales conversation nonverbal communication also counts. Unlike GenAI we do not take the spoken word literally and we also observe what is not mention. This is how we determine which direction we want to take the conversation.


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It is therefore important not to take the information obtain literally but to leave Italy WhatsApp Number Database for interpretation. GenAI can be us for a first impression but take responsibility for adjusting that impression. AI pays off McKinsey recently calculat that the use of GenAI pays off. The report The economic potential of generative AI shows that there is enormous potential for using GenAI for sales.  of to percent. There is also talk about the possibilities of AI to take over to percent of the repetitive tasks of employees.

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Half of our work could be done by GenAI. In short we German Whatsapp Number still at the beginning of the revolution and there are great opportunities for companies that seize this opportunity with both hands. Dont miss the boat Because developments are happening so quickly it is very important not to Gemini is Googles latest weapon in the battle to make artificial intelligence AI accessible to everyone. A lot is said about this powerful tool but what can Gemini do And did you know that the tool can now also be us for.

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