The Bing mobile app and the Edge browser. Advertising within Copilot You can also advertise within Copilot. Several ad types are currently shown on Copilot including Inline text ads the typical text ads we see every day in the search results page. Feedbas ads the typical shopping ads we know from Google and Microsoft. Multimedia advertisements visual advertisements focusing on powerful images. It is not possible to indicate that you want to be shown exclusively on Copilot for the above ad types. You set up these ads via the Microsoft Ads system and they are shown on the Bing search results page and Copilot if the ad is relevant enough.


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Compare Decide ads specifically design for Copilot placements. These ads use Estonia Phone Number Database AI to help consumers compare options and weigh the pros and cons to make a decision. Are you looking for a new car Copilot can then compare different manufacturers and models for you through these types of advertisements. Screenshot van Microsofts compare and decide ads. Microsoft Audience Network Reach a broad and target audience Through the Microsoft Audience Network advertisers have access to . billion loggedin Windows users. These users tend to be highly educat affluent and spend a lot of time on desktop devices. According to because these people are ready to make a purchase.

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Advertising via this platform. You can Turkey Phone Number the Microsoft Audience Network by using different types of ads including native ads display advertisements and video and Connect TV advertisements . I find the video and Connect TV ads the most interesting. Microsoft now has partnerships with many TV and video platforms such as Netflix Eurovision Sport Fandom and Little Dot studios. In addition you will soon be able to advertise with Microsoft ads on placements such as Casual games

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