However. It is good to make sure that the main text of the product itself is unique and optimiz according to the keywords that are important to it. There are also situations when the main text of the product itself is largely double content. The online store may have. For example. Different color options for the product. The text content of which is double content. But the color of the product changes. In this case. The so-call main product is select. Which we want to appear in the search results. And the main product is indicat to google using the canonical tag.

Duplicate content problems can be detect

Duplicate content problems can be detect. For example. With the help of google search console or with the help of other tools that track keyword rankings. If several pages appear b2b email list with the same search term. It is search term cannibalization. This has most likely also affect the pages search rankings in a negative way. If the rankings are bad. The easiest way to test if your site has a duplicate content problem is to go to google. Take a small piece of content from your own site and add it in quotation marks in the google search field. Google will tell you how many pages contain the content you just quot.

Content of several pages deals

While a becomes the main page. Combining pages – if the content of several pages deals with almost the same subject. It can be reasonable to combine the contents under one page. In this case. Duplicate content and possible search word cannibalization will disappear. Always remember to TG Numbers rirect delet pages to a new page. Iting pages – more than one page is about a similar topic. But there is a clear difference between them. In this case. Combining pages is not necessarily the best possible option. Optimizing the content in its own way could work better. For example. Optimizing the title.

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