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The the Technical Teams, the Available. Resources or the Possibility of Carrying Out Policies That Involve Profound Reforms. Each Level Faces, in Turn, Its Own Vicissitudes. Initial Level Coverage Increas, but Not to the Extent It Should. In Line With This Point, an Issue That is Far From Being on the Agenda is the Ne to Think About Care Policies: the Sum of Activities That Overlapp During the Months of Greatest. Isolation Fell Mostly on Women. Several Studies Warn About the Impact It Has on Their ucational and Work Development, the Distribution of Domestic Responsibilities or the Overload of Care That Falls on Them, Even Girls and Young Women.

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Secondary ucation, as Highlight in a Recently Publish Regional Report , the ucational Systems of the Region Had Different Temporalities. Argentina Was Characteriz by a Consistent Development of Primary Schooling, Being One Cameroon WhatsApp Number List of the Latin American. Countries, Along With Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay, That Most. Vigorously Promot Its Universalization. For Its Part, Secondary ucation, Given Its Selective Matrix, Still Today – and Despite the Establishment of Its Compulsory Nature – Has Difficulties in Sustaining ucational Trajectories as Well as Guaranteeing Graduation. Although It is, Along With Chile, Cuba and Uruguay, One of the Countries in the Region.

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Coverage Rates at the Secondary Level, Young People Usually Take LongerĀ  Studies and Discouraging Indicators Persist Thailand Whatsapp Number List in Relation to Repetition, Over-age and Desertion. The Current Discussion Cannot Be Ruc to “Return Yes” or “Return No.” It is Not About, as Fito Paez’s Song Said, “to Return or Not to Return”, but Rather “Under What Conditions” to Resume Presence. Opening Schools is Not About Opening the Gate in the Countryside and Waiting for Nature to Provide. It is About Thinking About the Conditions of That Return, the Resources, the Propos Dynamics. It is About Developing ucational Policy Conditions Within the Framework.

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