I’ve seen several journalists become great Digital Marketing analysts because they have this quality. Oh, and of course: study hard! Look for good courses on traffic, Content Marketing , Inbound Marketing and also learn about sales . Tip: How to work with Digital Marketing: tips to get start What are the advantages of an analyst for a company? Research shows that the majority of Brazilian companies start to invest up to 30% of their revenue in digital transformations . This means that Digital Marketing strategies are gaining more and more weight in business decisions, and who exactly is the professional responsible for taking care of this planning and.

while giving companies new ways of being

Unique experiences. for example. you build an authentic brand . capable of standing out in the market. and strengthen the spread of your message ! 6. Guilherme de Bortoli – CEO of Orgânica Guilherme de Bortoli. CEO of Orgânica”If before the competition was as far as the customer’s vision could reach. today access to information is unrestrict.” Before continuing to see the other Digital new database Marketing phrases that I have select for you. I leave you with this fact: The Internet. while giving companies new ways of being seen by the public.

The competition also migrat to the digital

Has also expand the boundaries of competition . Today your business no longer competes just with other companies in your city. The competition also migrat to the digital universe and became state. national and global. There are TG Numbers millions of brands competing for your customer ‘s clicks (and money) . even if they are not from the same sector or are not in the same geographic location as yours.

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