However. The article has already piqu your The interview was interest. So you continue reading on the site. Multiple studies have shown that native ads are more effective than traditional banner ads. And there are numerous statistics and facts that prove their benefits. Did you know. For example. That consumers look at native ads 53% more often than display ads ? Who is discovery ads suitable for? When you are interest in native advertising. You should also know the possibilities of discovery ads. Because you can promote a similar advertising format cost-effectively. As i wrote in a previous blog post about banners .

Advertising from the customers point

lets imagine discovery ads advertising from the customers point of view. This is how the process goes the user starts the google search business email list application on his phone and notices that below the search. Ready-made interesting articles have been search for. As he scrolls through the articles. He comes across a discovery ads ad. The ad is not shown randomly to anyone. But is precisely target bas on the users previous browsing activity and search history. The ad draws the users attention because it offers useful and engaging information about the topic that interests them.

Discovery ads campaign involves a lot more

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Creating a successful discovery ads campaign involves a lot more than just designing ads. It can only happen when marketers have a deep understanding of their target TG Numbers audiences interests and pain points. Which they leverage to create content that captures the attention of relevant and potential customers. Read also content strategy is the basis of marketing examples of effective discovery ads campaigns utilization of discovery ads in the field of new construction the campaign was target at new visitors to reach and as remarketing to the convert phase.

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