The Be Mere Obience Out of Fear. In China the State is Strong and, at Times and on Specific Issues, Effective, but is It the State We Want? Something Similar is Happening in Russia, Where Vladimir Putin is Trying to Stay in Power Through a Popular Consultation That, So Far, Has Not Been Suspend Due to the Epidemic. Putin is Another of the World Leaders Who Thanks the Virus: the Protests Against It Subsid Due to the Panic That the Disease Entails. The Protests Are, Precisely, One of the Arguments Us by the Russian Leader.

He Assures That His Government

Must Continue Until the Year Because He Guarantees Peace and Order in the Country. As in the Case of China, There Are Many Who See a Present State in Putin’s Firm Hand. His Rapid Action in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis Also Gave Him Crit Among Progressive Sectors of the West, Which Have Seen the Collapse of Their Welfare Austria WhatsApp Number List States, the Inaction or Slow Action of Their Governments, and the Crises of Health Systems. But, Again, is a State Like the Russian One, With Its Authoritarian and Autocratic Facets, What Progressives Should Seek? The Examples Are Very Vari.  Right Marine Le Pen Also Wants a Present State and Appeals to It in Times of Coronavirus.

In Fact She Ask for a Measure

That She Already Had in Mind: the Closure of the Border With Italy – Something That Leads, in Her View, to the Beginning of the France Whatsapp Number End of the Schengen Area. Matteo Salvini, Leader of the Italian Far Right, Began, of Course, by Blaming Immigrants and, Particularly, “ethnic Minimarkets . ” and the Greek Far-right Government Found in the Coronavirus a Perfect Strategy to Vindicate One of Its Most Reactionary Projects: the Development of Forc Detention Centers – Euphemistically Call “clos Camps” – for Asylum Seekers on the Islands of Chios and.

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