The a flexible budget you as a company can grow with the increasing demand in the market. By increasing your budget in these months you can meet the search demand. Because the number of visitors increases if the conversion rate remains at least the same the number of conversions will increase and thus the turnover. This way you recoup your investment in marketing costs. As long as every euro you invest produces a profit you can continue to invest until the percentage of marketing costs comes under pressure.


Seasons Respond to good and bad days

Within the good seasonal months there are always better and less converting days. Take Honduras Telegram Database swimwear.  are the peak months for this but would you think about buying swimwear on a rainy day Youre probably more likely to think about this when nice weather is approaching or when youre slogging through the heat. Depending on your customer journey there may be some time between realizing I ne this and purchasing. If you as a marketer are aware of these types of days you can temporarily increase your budget. With a higher budget you will be shown more often and you will grow along with the increasing search volume.

Telegram Database

Additionally you can increase the

Bid of certain highly converting keywords. By increasing the Philippine Email List you will be better display in the search lists which increases the chance of conversion. Please note that costs increase proportionally as much as revenues so that your marketing percentage is not compromis. Also consider bid adjustments If you use a flexible marketing budget it is also valuable to look at bid adjustments in your SEA campaigns. When people convert well under certain circumstances in this example days when nice weather is approaching and days when it is already warm you want to be shown as well as possible because the chance of conversion is high. Therefore increase your bid on these days so that.

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