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The are many people who also invest with for example borrow money. Just borrow a few hundr euros or even more to invest in crypto. And due to the rapid rise of certain currencies you will have recoup that investment tomorrow and you will be financially free. You can buy a Lamborghini or fly in a private jet like many of those influencers do. At least that is what many influencers tell you in an expensive course they offer and from which only they ultimately make money. These cars and private jets are often even rent to present an even better image.  people when they consider investing in crypto only do so with money you can afford to lose.


The value of a coin can

Drop significantly in a short period of time. For example during the last crash in of cryptos Oman Telegram Database more than of their value. If you have just borrow money to invest in it and you have to pay it back then you are in trouble. Something that unfortunately more and more people are discovering according to Nibud . Myths and fake news I always try to look very objectively and positively at all developments in the ecosystem. For years I have been seeing many cool applications of cryptos and the underlying blockchain technology worldwide which really have an impact on people and society. But I also see the previously describ scams and mistakes that people make with all the consequences that entails.

Telegram Database

I am really trying to make

A clear distinction between Singapore Phone Number and fables here. The transparent nature of the underlying blockchain technology provides independent researchers with a wealth of data and information. Crypto is mainly us by criminals According to Interpol and the EU the share of regular money cash and digital transactions via banks is much larger than that of cryptos. The number of crypto transactions.

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