The For example marketing plan sprinkles and hopping.  this Write a story about a marketer who while skipping came up with a marketing plan thats as sweet as a pack of chocolate sprinkles. What do you learn from this This exercise challenges you to be creative within set limitations. This is because youre focusing on integrating specific elements into your prompt. It teaches you how to combine different ideas into a coherent whole. This contributes to your ability to write complex and engaging prompts. 10. Improv Prompts One colleague chooses a random object or word and the rest write a prompt with that word incorporat.

For example a shoe Prompt

Tell me where this shoe last walk. Share your prompts and results with Algeria WhatsApp Number Database other here Please note if you dont have a Plus subscription youll ne to add this prompt before you start I give you a sentence and you complete it bas on random information it doesnt have to be correct. What do you learn from this It enhances your ability to find inspiration in random elements. 11. AI Judge Let ChatGPT determine which of the written prompts is the most effective or creative. Creativity in prompt for AI What do you learn from this This exercise will give you valuable insights into the evaluation criteria in prompts.

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In this case it is about effectiveness and creativity

By letting ChatGPT rate which prompts stand out the most you learn not only from your USA Email List attempts but also from the prompts of your colleagues. This helps you think critically about what makes a prompt successful. It also helps you recognize patterns and techniques that lead to more powerful answers. 12. Consciously spend time on it Schule time to practice writing prompts and the skills involv. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life this often doesnt happen and then just when you really ne it you dont get a useful answer from ChatGPT. That causes frustration and then you.

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