The with the exception of a group of CEOs CLevel in the Netherlands is generally not very active on LinkIn. However these CEOs have discover the platform and are using it as an active communication channel. They manage to reach the large group of stakeholders build followers and share their stories while addressing important topics. Interestingly a post from a CEO often performs many times better than a comparable post on the company page. Even though it has more followers. The executive profile is therefore the most powerful profile of the organization. By sharing insights from this research I want to start a movement that highlights the importance of online visibility and leadership in todays world.

For the ition I spent a year analyzing


Profiles and individual posts . The top CEOs what do they do better than the rest Cameroon Telegram Database of the following leaders Manon van Beek CEO of TenneT Victor Knaap CEO of Mia.Monks Harald Seidel CEO of DAF Trucks Sander van t Noordende CEO of Randstad Dimitri de Vreze CEO of DSMFirmenich Marit van Egmond CEO of Albert Heijn Dolf van den Brink CEO of Heineken Ton van Veen CEO of Jumbo Supermarkets Agnes KoopsAukes CEO of PwC Maarten Otto CEO of Alliander Consistency These CEOs stand out from the rest because of a number of common characteristics that explain their impact on LinkIn.

Telegram Database

First they are consistent in their

Postontributes to regular visibility and an Mexico Telegram Number dialogue with their network. This consistency helps build trust and a recognizable online presence. Authenticity Secondly they succe in sharing an authentic message with a story. By enriching their messages with personal insights developments views on the industry or reflections on social themes they create a resonance with their audience. This ability to tell stories contributes to a stronger emotional connection with followers and their image as a leader. Visually appealing Finally.

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