Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games medal table The Ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games events Finally. Google Discover also has its own module in the Google SERP, under the name “Interesting Finds” . Here, the algorithm suggests content related to our search and that may be of interest according to the analyzed characteristics of our user profile. interesting finds google discover in the SERP The importance of entities vs. the keywords If you have come this far after reading the first part of this step-by-step guide to understanding Discover.

If we are a general media The Ultimate or a blog with diverse content

Tou will have already noticed that industry email list here the keywords take a backseat and are no longer as relevant to the search engine. Here the entities take center stage . That is why it is important to know in which entities we are a reference according to Google. If we are a general media or a blog with diverse content, we should know what our core entities are , that is, those with which we appear most in the Discover users’ feed . We can then consider whether we opt for a strategy more focused on news about sports, politics or science. The competition or if we are interested in betting more on articles related to the “ Formula 1”, “Lewis Hamilton” or “Fernando Alonso”.

If they are recipes designed to be made

And this work of self-knowledge TG Number also works if we are a medium with a more specific niche. If we make content for a recipe blog, we will need. To know if those recipes with “zucchini” are more likely to appear than those with. “avocado” as the main ingredient or, similarly, if they are recipes. Designed to be made “in the oven.” or in an “air fryer.” In a sports environment there is also the possibility of improving this strategy. Knowing if entities such as “FC Barcelona”, “Real Madrid” or “Leo Messi. Position us in Discover with respect to.

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