The that work best. But Reels with a wellknown or creative new format also work well. I have to make a comment on that. I dont see that all company accounts have more reach with Reels than with their regular posts. Especially with the videos where nothing really happens without a good hook without a clear message I dont see any outstanding statistics. That wont work without catchy images and without people in the picture looking into the camera. For example you see atmospheric images of a day at work put together afterwards instead of thinking in advance what they would have want to make. A good Reel takes time it is better to think in advance what you want to make and then trigger yourself to make a really good video with all the good elements. So when you go to make the shots the shots will be really good or creative.


The golden Instagram Reels formula

The hook make people curious Easy. No chaos One clear main message Create a New Zealand WhatsApp Number Database feeling emotion State or show the POV who tells and plays the leading role Make it personal  until the end For example use influencing techniques such as Dr Julie or scottsreality do The pacingspecreativity shots and transitions keep your viewers entertain at the spe the target audience can handle Finally dont forget that its about creating good Reels for your target group.


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Dont be blind by great reach or going viral

Your own followers are the UK Whatsapp Number important although it is of course nice to get that free boost. And here are a few todos to get you startPeople are programmable. This method of conditioning is widely us within marketing. Brands logos products and services are combin with pleasant associations such as colors humor music and beautiful people. I take you through this marketing story which I combine with examples from everyday life. Time for a column Its Wnesday.

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