The prompt Describe the story and ChatGPT puts it on paper for you AI Screenshot of ChatGPT The voiceover the story comes to life Now I want to have the written story read aloud. I use ElevenLabs for that. Depending on the genre I choose a man or a woman. The man is energetic and cheerful the woman whispering and dark. In this example the female voice fits perfectly with a story about infect mosquitoes. After the story has been convert into a voiceover it can be download as an MP file. Voiceovers ElevenLabs AI Screenshot from ElevenLabs  a stimulating thumbnail Now an attractive video thumbnail is ne. I use Adobe Firefly for this.


There are plenty of alternatives such as

Midjourney . But those who have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription can Paraguay Telegram Database Adobe Firefly immiately. The prompts I us describ the story. Adobe Firefly itself also offers suggestions in the prompts. This often result in even more beautiful images. I us the YouTube channel branding as a reference so that all video thumbnails were design in the same style. Adobe Firefly lets you describe the image to be design and add a reference for style consistency Screenshot of Adobe Firefly Visual guidance stories enrich with subtle video loops Although the YouTube channel relies entirely on narration I dont want listeners to watch a black screen. Thats why each story has a simple subtle video loop.

Telegram Database

For this I use the free videos from

Adobe Stock . These can be Switzerland Phone Number in HD or K and can be us royaltyfree. Free stock videos from Adobe Stock AI Screenshot Adobe Stock The finishing touch merge and publish I merge the voiceover and video into one file with Adobe Premiere Rush . I adjust the volume of the voiceover a bit and then its a matter of exporting. At the beginning I already had ChatGPT generate a title and description and Adobe Firefly design a video thumbnail. So now I can publish.

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