Video play and watch time Form submission¬† is everything a user does between entering and exiting a web page. Let’s say they land on a product page. click on a product image and watch a promotional video. These will be categoriz as events and can be track in . However. all of these actions count as one pageview in standard reporting. How to Track Incidents When you receive an incident tracking report. you can see data such as. Total and average incidents per session Total incidents by incident category Session data by incident and incident.

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Category Electronic data business data list in Hungary Mobile Database the event category makes it easy to understand how valuable such data can be us to optimize your website. . it provides a quick way to analyze how visitors use your site and what. if any. nes to be revis. To start tracking events. you ne to follow four simple steps. Decide which variables to track You ne to open Tag Manager’s dashboard to get start. Once in. go to Variables in the left menu and click Configure button. That should open a window frame. Here you can configure built-in variables. We recommend checking all variables under Clicks. Forms. and Videos.

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After selecting all relevant variables. you can click Exit.  to return to the overview menu. Create a new label Click Add New Label; in the Window box. select. as the label type. A new box call Tab Configuration should open. You ne to change the track type to event. Personalize your event tracking parameters Now is the time to fill out the rest of the form in this TG Numbers box. The event category. action. label and value components ne to be done manually or populat with built-in variables (on the click of a button). The last non-interactive field allows you.

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