The profit you want to make. Map your capacity. Multiply the number of FTE full time equivalent by your productivity standard. You now know how many hours you can spend on customers this calendar year. calculation Desir turnover productive hours minimum hourly rate 2. Communicate your add value to the customer How do you know if youre asking the right price Ask your own customers that question That sounds very exciting but this question often yields surprising insights.


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You discover what customers think of your prices and what add value they Jordan Phone Number Database through your services. You can use this information to explain to new customers what the investment in your agency will bring them. There is a good chance that you take many services for grant meaning you do much more behind the scenes than you put on the quote. This is an excellent opportunity to communicate your add value even better to new customers. Also read Why a speaker charges more than a bottle of wine 3. Benchmark your hourly rates with industry peers It is also useful to know what hourly rates your competitors charge.

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We examin a dataset of almost 500 agencies 580

FTE and 225 consultancy firms 575 FTE in the Netherlands over the Switzerland Whatsapp Number January 1 to December 31 2023. These are their average hourly rates and the average rates of the markets best performing companies top 20 Hourly rates overview 4. Dont offer discounts Dont give away a discount on your hourly rate no matter how tempting that may be. Why would one customer pay less than another A discount on your hourly rate has a direct impact on your turnover per FTE and causes inconsistencies in your budget. Rather discuss a realistic price. For example did you know that you can complete an assignment in less time Then put that on the quote. You then communicate these agreements with your.

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