learning platform on the Internet. For example, you can subscribe to Dicoding Academy to take various programming courses. Find programming materials on the Internet In addition to subscribing to learning platforms on the Internet, you can also search for materials from other sources on the Internet.  that provide explanations or tutorials about programming. In this way, you can gain a lot of programming knowledge. follow study guide Finally, you can take part in online and offline programming coaching. Tutoring can help you learn to program. However, when you get tutoring, it usually costs more than subscribing to a learning platform on a website. Improve accuracy When writing lines of code, it takes a lot of effort. 

Therefore you must have good

If you aspire to be a technology entrepreneur, you can start learning some of the required skills right now: Have good technical knowledge First, you must start realizing that the technology you are using is growing. can adapt to and even create new, more complex technologies. For those who ws database want to hone their technical skills, you can study at Dicoding Academy. You know, there are various courses that can help you learn programming in more depth. Check out and register for classes now. Can work as a team But in business, collaboration between teams is the most important. You won’t be able to run your own business because you’ll need help, expertise, and ideas from a variety of sources. So whether it’s a small team or a large team, you have to be able to work well together in a team. 

Have good problem solving

skills As a technology entrepreneur who has just started a business, you may face various problems. So you must have problem-solving skills. High precision. Because as long as one wrong letter is written, it will cause problems, affect the program, and even prevent the program from running at all. Therefore, your accuracy will be honed over time. prospect Currently, the IT field TG Numbers is growing significantly year by year. When you have skills in the IT field, opportunities to find employment indirectly are also open. Wow, great, right? Programming languages you can learn There are many programming languages you can learn to create programs. Here are some suggestions for programming languages that are easy to teach yourself: HTML and CSS Hypertext Markup.

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