The but also to online platforms and social mia. We have to draw the line somewhere. Lets discuss what kind of work AI can and should do. And what we want to see from it online. Developments in the field of AI are often seen as inevitable. But of course that is not the case. People still have a say and they make conscious choices for the development of AI. What do we want and dont want to be able to do with AI What kind of future do we actually see before us and how can we influence it Im curious about your thoughts on this.


Also integrate AI into your content strategy

Get start with the possibilities of AI together with AI expert Charida Dorder who can assist you in designing writing and deploying content. Learn how to use content that not only impresses but is also ethical Lithuania Phone Number Database impactful during the Content CreationWhat hourly rate can I ask Thats one of the most frequently ask questions I hear from agencies and entrepreneurs. Logical because the hourly rate has a direct impact on your total invoiceable turnover.depends on many factors. Such as the level of quality expertise and the competitive position of your organization.

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The approach to arriving at a wellconsider

Hourly rate is the same for everyone. Discover USA Whatsapp Number my 6 tips how to determine your hourly rate and how to measure whether you can actually achieve the set rate. 1. Calculate your minimum hourly rate The business model of your company is the starting point for determining your hourly rate. In that model you set realistic turnover targets for your company. The calculation to arrive at your requir hourly rate is bas on 3 ingrients from your business model your expect expenses the profit margins you want to achieve and your capacity. List all expect expenses. Also take taxes into account. Decide in advance how much.

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