Yue as a treasure, us it to decorate important objects or wear it on the body, hop to get the protection and good luck of the gods. The auty of the word Yue lies not only in the divine jade it represents, but also in the cultural connotation it carries. In ancient Chinese culture, jade has always en regard as a symbol of a gentleman, imply nobleness, warmth and tenacity. As a special jade, Yue is given a transcendental mean. Literati often use.

Yue in poems to express their

Praise and yearn for autiful ths. Du Fu wrote in his poem “Rememr Li Bai in Spr”: “It is hard to find a talent of eight buckets, and the solitary light is like a moon ris from the east.” The “solitary light is like a moon” here not only praises Li Bai’s talent, but also switzerland phone number implies admiration for his noble personality. In modern society, Yue, as a name, is com more and more popular. Many pnts often choose the word “Yue” when nam their children.

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Hope that their children can have

Noble temperament and good character like this mysterious jade. The name Yue is not only autiful in rhyme, but also has profound mean, which carries the pnts’ infinite expectations and good wishes for their children. The auty of Yue lies not Canada Phone Number only in its external form, but also in the inner nobility and purity it represents. Whether it is ancient myths and legends or modern name culture, Yue exudes a unique charm, attract the attention and love of countless people. It is not only a symbol of auty.

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