The and McDonalds as an example. Basically both a fast food restaurant with the same segment but they still score differently on brand image and unconscious brand associations. McDonalds scores more positively on the fun association than Burger King. And that has an explanation. While Burger King focuses more on the product McDonalds sees more people and families in their advertising. What you radiate is link to your brand in the long term. Rituals focuses on relaxation and finding happiness in small things. because I felt like reading and chilling out. A great example of marketing. As a brand should you create your own scent No you dont have to go that far. But always be aware of the associations you can evoke. At our company we often use three to five brand pillars for our clients which we reflect in our marketing communications. These are all points on which they position themselves distinctively within their industry.


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You do not directly highlight in your communication as a USP. Because Nigeria WhatsApp Number Database that you are a human organization because you respond quickly to questions think along with the customer and employ Dutchspeaking people. Then you dont present this as one of your USPs but you do reflect it in your communication. Clearly visible contact moments photos and names of your employees and communication in Dutch at B level. You ensure that the association of your brand is human. And thats exactly what its all about.

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Use all your marketing and communications in such


A way that people have USA Whatsapp Number association you want to create. So use the same music or your own sound every time for your videos be consistent in the use of your corporate identity and use the same writing style every time. No rocket science and certainly no scientific reactions like bookmark Michelle de Zeeuw van De Zeeuw Digital Marketing.

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