The check whether an interior photo is real or whether a cupboard appears to contain very strange handles. AI interior on Pinterest. An example of a fake interior that I came across on Pinterest. And last year I occasionally saw videos on TikTok with fake houses in Amsterdam. Half of the commenters didnt even realize it was AI even when the video description mentions that its AI. Justine Moore on Facebook has also notic this. On X she writes Facebook has turn into an endless scroll of AI photos and the boomers dont appear to have notic. I personally am not enthusiastic about fake content on social mia. I look at interior photos on Pinterest for inspiration.


For that I want to see real photos but now

It is not clearly indicat what is real and what is generat by AI. It can Kuwait Phone Number Database still be spott but as I said you increasingly have to look closely at the details of the photos to find the difference. What positive impact can AI content have on social mia Enshittification but as a revenue model for content creators The pleasure I experienc with Pinterest for curating mood boards is gone. I also increasingly wonder about TikTok Instagram and Facebook is this real Enshittification deterioration of the platforms but by the users themselves Or is it also AI that posts that content Who knows…  that will soon be unusable for people who like to distinguish between real and fake.

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Unless platforms and governments

Intervene and make it mandatory to Turkey Whatsapp Number indicate which content has been creat by AI. On TikTok conspiracy videos with conspiracy theories have now become a revenue model according to research by Abbie Richards of Mia Matters see the video below. With the help of AI conspiracy videos of more than 1 minute each are distribut which then raise money through TikToks Creativity Program. Abbies recommendation is that the rules should be stricter.

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