How to apply this concept in your business

It is worth mentioning that social networks, such 5 Vs of as. Therefore, Instagram and Facebook, as well as How to streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc., among other online channels, also generate an immeasurable. Therefore, amount of data. Just think about your daily life: can you mention how many messages, emails, photos, videos and content you come into contact with when, for example, you use your cell phone or turn on your computer? So one thing is for sure: data will only continue to increase!

Sending and distribution

Following the reasoning in V above, the volume of data is. Therefore, only increasing executive email list because the generation,  of this information is becoming faster. Also in this sense, according to the Morgan. Therefore, Stanley company , autonomous vehicles will generate up to 40 terabytes of data per hour. And that will happen with cameras, radars and other sensors, which turns out to be a lot of things in a short time.

Matter of seconds

You could think, for example, how long it takes to send a message on WhatsApp, an. Therefore, email or a comment on How to Instagram. Or  even how long a payment takes place – made by credit TG Numbers card -. It’s practically instantaneous, it happens in real time. make money with affiliate marketing Amazon affiliate marketing example. The seller will provide you with an affiliate area where you can monitor clicks and income, and then be able to collect them Therefore, (sometimes even less), countless data is created, updated and shared, since the flow of data in Big Data is massive and continuous.

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