The sufficient stock to go full throttle capacity to accommodate increasing conversions The flexible budget is suitable for products and services but the result is easier to measure for products. you immiately know what you get in return and whether the marketing costs are in proportion to the revenues. You can also calculate your margin in advance. This way you know what you can spend on marketing at product level. This allows you to spend more on marketing on products with a higher margin. Flexible budget for services This is a little more difficult with services. When you realize a lead it is not yet certain whether this will actually become an assignment and what the associat turnover will be. Of course you can work with an average scoring percentage and an average turnover per assignment.


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Marketing budget by multiplying the marketing budget per assignment by the Guatemala Telegram Database of assignments you want to acquire. Google recommends setting up Maximize conversion value with target ROAS when you have achiev at least conversions in days. For all other automatic bidding strategies Google recommends a minimum of conversions over days. Absorb seasonal influences A flexible SEA budget offers a solution if you have good insight into the trends of your company and industry.

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Trends from Google among others show that demand starts Mexico Email List increase in January and peaks in June. What is important to keep in mind is the following historical sales figures of your company help create insights into seasonality but do not show what the total market size was. This is because your organization could have been held back in the previous years by for example a limit marketing budget or limit stock. Bas on search impression share you can estimate growth potential. Also read How to determine KPIs for your campaign efforts useful framework With.

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