The age discrimination can not only have a negative effect on opportunities in society but also on the labor market. It also influences health and wellbeing. Negative stereotyping in the mia can lead to a negative selfimage according to which older people behave I cant do that anymore because Im old. That is also call selfageism . Older people can also be anxious about their performance and learning ability.for them to focus or sometimes takes longer. The latter especially when they have less confidence in their own memory.


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That of to year olds use the internet every day This is among to year olds. More than Armenia WhatsApp Number Database we can choose through which combination of resources and channels we want to learn YouTube WhatsApp podcasts AI chatbots interactive quizzes and images social mia posts virtual coaches and for example apps. This is not only great for young people because more than half of people over also like to use YouTube and use WhatsApp. When we look at digital literacy almost half of to year olds have master it well.

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They have more than the basics of digital skills

They can search for information communicate online work with computers Australia Phone Number software and online services such as shopping. They also understand what privacy protection means. In the age group from to years this is . Also read No overs please Stop the age limit for recruitment On the other hand in people in the age category has low literacy approx. . They have difficulty with reading writing andor arithmetic. They also often have limit digital skills . It is estimat that more than people over have low literacy. It is a challenge for these people to participate in society. Adapt your teaching materials training but also the distribution channel to the level of Knowle.

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