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The know and can offset solar panels. But due to the convergence of technologies such as AI crypto Internet of Things and blockchain you as a consumer can suddenly make money with the dormant maintenance of countless other infrastructure networks. Decentraliz Physical Infrastructure Networks DePIN are springing up like mushrooms. In this article I share everything about this new tech trend. Help to find aliens. That seem cool to me when I was a kid when I donat a piece of my computer memory to the SETIHome project. at the University of Berkeley.


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Power could donate it to the project. With this you could help Nepal Phone Number Database extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately without success and the project has now been discontinu. There are other socall Boinc projects from the university around biology mathematics and astronomy. Thanks to all the crazy new technologies it is now also possible to earn money passively with these types of projects. Not by setting up drop shipping or selling expensive financial freom courses but by helping to keep energy networks cloud storage and WiFi networks running and providing AI computing power.

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PIN so you can use your PIN again

Decentraliz Physical Infrastructure Networks DePIN is the name for blockchain networks that use digital tokens to encourage communities not companies to run physical infrastructure networks think mobility Ethiopia Telegram Number vehicle charging and telecommunications. From making and maintaining to operating it. The term first appear in November 2022. Blockchain knowlge platform Messari start using the name DePIN for its content after a Twitter vote on the matter. Build together maintain together Setting up and maintaining infrastructures such as power grids and transport systems costs a lot of money. Usually it is the big companies that do this because it is so expensive and complicat. As a result there is little competition. This means that these large companies can determine almost everything about prices and services.

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