The heard. It seems that from launch they decid to include . You will see different types of posts on their account. They show designs made with Adobe see image below and thus put users but also employees in the spotlight. They also post blogs that they post on their Adobe Blog sharing new collaborations and new updates. So there is a lot of variation in the content of the posts. If you look at the difference between the number of followers and the likes and comments on their posts this is a big difference. The latest posts do not score higher than likes. That is very low when you consider that this account has thousand followers.


Example Thread Adobe Sphere Account

Thousand followers bol was also present on Threads from the start. So far they have post almost Germany WhatsApp Database week but is there a set strategy I have my doubts about that. Some weeks they post more than other weeks and the types of posts also vary widely. Bol mainly tries to appeal to their target group with funny and appealing texts but you also see the alternation between image and text. I think theyre trying all kinds of things to figure out which posts work and which dont. At the moment they largely work with striking texts that you cannot simply scroll past see the image below as an example. Bol like Hema has a large number of followers on their Threads account.

Whatsapp Number List

This is due to the connection between Instagram


Threads. This way Uk Phone Number account was strong from the start. Screenshot Thread Sphere KLM Account thousand followers KLM was also active on Threads from its launch in December. KLM has post something every week the number of which varies per week. In the posts you can see that they are looking to connect with their followers. They ask for comments or answers in many posts like in the post below.

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