The many followers and you dont have to start from scratch. Sponsor Posts Threads is new and for that reason it is not yet full of sponsor posts. This is advantageous because you can now easily stand out among all the other messages and therefore you can grow faster. Links and leads Another great opportunity on Threads is that you can place a link with your message here.


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Link in bio when you post a message. In addition there is also the option to share voice Georgia WhatsApp Database and videos of up to minutes. You can use this to generate leads. From Hema to Tmobile on Threads I take a closer look at a number of companies that are already active on Threads. How do they use Threads Is it post often And what is post Hema Account . thousand followers Hema was right there with the launch of Threads in Europe. You can see from their first post that it immiately receiv a lot of attention likes and comments. This was at the peak when many people became active on Threads but Hema did not catch on after that. They have done a total of posts and there is a lot of time between posts. It seems as if they went along with the hype at the start but then did not make a strategic plan for this and left it behind.

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Threads would be a shortliv success Also read The most frequently ask questions UAE Phone Number Instagram Threads Hemas posts stand out and match the character of Threads. Lightheart with a touch of humor. Example Thread from Hema Adobe Account thousand followers Adobe is of course a large global company and has been active on Threads since the very first launch in August when Europe did not yet have access. Adobe posts regularly. Not a week has gone by without them making themselves.

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