For the last 1 year and 4 months, Fahmi has been working on his career at the digital logistics company PT Logee Trans. This business entity specifically handles digital logistics services in the form of a marketplace where cargo owners can look for trucks to send cargo. As a backend developer, his main task is to provide a good system for the company’s web and Android application users, both internal and external to the company. In the office, this Dicoding graduate uses Javascript every day to manage the backend of his web and office Android applications. One of the recent innovations is the design of an online payment system that can be utilized by company customers. Initially, Fahmi was proficient in C# .NET with 5 years of experience. Now he has developed into a NodeJS developer. Initially he had no skills at all, but due to industry demands, he took part and is now proficient in Javascript. 

Challenges of Becoming a Cloud Engineer

Initially, this 20 year old man could not imagine being able to study full time while working full time. But Fahmi has a solution. There are 3 things he applies in his daily life. These three principles then help him achieve his study and work commitments in a balanced way: #1 Likes the field in which you work and study “Since high school, I have really liked the world of computers. I’m always curious.” (Fahmi) Without high interest and curiosity in what whatsapp number list we do – whether at work or at college – it is difficult to survive in both. From this feeling of curiosity, the urge to explore is getting higher. This is good because as a developer, it is important to adhere to one main culture. What’s that? Always be open to love and keep learning! Including in terms of cloud computing, aka cloud, Fahmi admitted “In college I never knew anyone who had ever used the cloud. The majority still use regular hosting . Even though the backend is very dependent on people who know the cloud. And in the industry, the number of cloud professionals is still very small.  

Challenges of Becoming a Cloud Engineer

more independently. When you graduate from college, you will be better prepared to face challenges as a professional. For Fahmi himself, studying while working has proven one thing. His dream of becoming a Cloud Engineer with multidisciplinary skills in the backend field, is slowly coming true. It is important TG Numbers for him to always open a learning mindset. You can’t just come from 1 tutorial source. Why is that? The biggest challenge of being a cloud engineer is the services available, there are lots of them! You can be overwhelmed or overwhelmed if you don’t study carefully. We also have to be astute in seeing Cloud market opportunities outside the mainstream. It is also important for a Cloud Engineer to have connections or a supportive network. If you make friends with fellow developers with the same interests, then there is always encouragement to create. Even though you are bored, there are always friends to share it with. Also take advantage of Discord, Github, favorite blogs as references, and so on. This is an important ecosystem that will support your skills and networks.

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