To make a good first impression

The sell your company do you want to stay involv in your company Also read New trade name Keep important points in mind The answers to these questions will give you guidance during the sales process because they are your most important objectives. Write it down print it out and read it again regularly. This way you stay on track to sell your company on your terms. Company questionnaire source fizkes Shutterstock Step . Prepare your marketing agency for sales To start with it is important that as a seller you view your company through the eyes of a buyer. Why would he or she want to buy your desk Where are the possibilities And where are the risks It is important to give the buyer of your company as much certainty as possible about how the company will perform after the transfer.


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Your company the lower the buyer will value Hungary WhatsApp Number Database company. and give the buyer as much comfort as possible about the state of your business make sure that administration and financial reporting are in order all contracts agreements and agreements are properly record the company is as independent as possible from you the turnover is easily prictable subscriptions contracts etc. the company is not dependent on or major customers and suppliers In addition you can significantly increase the value of your company in the runup to the sale the last financial year.

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You do this by taking the following

Measures that influence Australia Whatsapp Number profit and free cash flows Save costs The fastest way to increase your profit is to spend less money cutting costs. Look carefully at the contribution of all fix costs such as software rent or hiring freelancers. And be critical of upcoming investments. Increase the revenue Examine your customer base how can you get more sales from existing customers A big opportunity is to get customers.

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