The I thought exactly the same. Thats why I start a faceless YouTube channel as. An experiment. With the aim of earning thousands of euros per month. Ill show you how I did this and what the outcome was. What is a faceless YouTube channel. A faceless YouTube channel means that as a content creator you do not show your face or your identity. These channels mainly use animations voiceovers and AIgenerat content. The focus is entirely on the content. This concept is very attractive because. It lowers the threshold to get start and you can produce content quickly.


All stories are written by

AI I only suggest what the story should be about. audience the stories Panama Telegram Database in English. I also had AI write the name and description of the channel. All the tools to publish a short story. Now that the YouTube channel has been creat its time to add content. To publish a short story I use these tools ChatGPT . write the story title description and a few relevant hashtags. ElevenLabs converting the written story into a voiceover. Adobe Firefly Generate images for. YouTube channel branding and video thumbnails.

Telegram Database

Adobe Stock Add a video to the story

Adobe Premiere Rush put Sweden Phone Number together and save it as an MP file. The magic of prompts a story emerges Input is requir for ChatGPT to write a short story. I use a prompt to guide the story. An example of such a prompt is Write me a horror story. The story is about an infect mosquito … Within a few seconds ChatGPT writes an apocalyptic story about mosquitoes. And so I have had all kinds of stories written by ChatGPT. There are undoubtly more variations or other prompts that can be creat but for me this gave the desir result.

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