Disadvantages: Payment plans are very expensive. The free plan does not provide automation. The breakdown does not include user tags. In order to use the account, a person must first manually verify the account. Sentinel Blue is an email marketing and automation platform that is highly recommended for beginners and mid-level users who do not want to eat too many jars using overly complex tools and thousands of options.

Split A/B campaign: you can create

It is characterized by a fairly intuitive tool and a fairly low learning latest database curve that, in addition to email marketing itself, provides you with automation(less advanced), testing, SMS marketing, forms, advertising or chat. Your website depends on the plan you choose. Send Blue Interface Since I have completed the full tutorial on the tool in this post, I will not expand myself too much. Look at it, youll have it all, so youll have to.

Doing A/B tests to send the one that

 One thing to keep in mind when choosing a provider is that they do not charge based on the number of contacts you have, because I think it is easier to control the number of activities or emails you send than to control the number of contacts in the database. . This control TG Numbers method is used. Advantages: Very easy to use tool. Multiple marketing tools. The marketing campaign creation process is divided into steps. Cons: Their free plan has limited daily deliveries. Their prices are not the most competitive in the market.

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